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Once in a while you get to work on a project of which you just love every aspect. Not only do I appreciate the music, being raised on that kind of stuff but I’ve also been a big Shakespeare fan; beginning with my all time favourite movie Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead by Tom Stoppard to one of my favourite comic book stories, which is Neil Gaiman’s adaptation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in his “Sandman” Series, Shakespeare has been there all my life. But not only had I been so lucky as to work on a cool Shakespeare project but I had the even greater luck to do so for Max Doehlemann, who gave me complete artistic freedom to go about it as felt right.

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I knew from the start that I wanted to play with the mystery around the historical person. There are those who say there never has been a real Shakespeare and when you look at the five or six most famous paintings of him you’ll notice that they all look quite the same; not the same person but more the same painting (as in copy). At one point I had all the portraits I could find layered over one another and when I started – just for fun – to screw around with the transparency I suddenly had this mixture of portraits that somehow had become a new picture of Shakespeare. I simply had to go further with that…

shakespeare_4_booklet_cover shakespeare_6_backcover

Knowing that there would be a DVD with this release but not having seen any of the actual footage, I did some early sketches trying to incorporate a kind of lo-fi film or rather video feel, which, once I had seen Ron Rosenberg’s films I had to realise was completly the wrong way to go, but I like the original drafts, so here they are anyway:

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