Lorenz Kellhuber – Segue – Music Video


The label (Blackbird Music) wanted to do a music video (a jazz music video, what a crazy idea!) with Lorenz Kellhuber. After a short creative chat with Lorenz and the guys from the label it was quite clear, that I had complete creative freedom for this project. So basically we just grabbed two Cameras (DSLRs obviously) and drove around Berlin and shot everything in our way. The idea was all along to do these long psychedelic fades using all kinds of blend modes and stuff. In the end Lorenz (whom, by the way, I like a lot, he’s a real stand up guy and this unbelievably talented musician) ended up recording this piece especially for the video, which was a real honor and a lot of fun! So now we have a music video with music inspired by its own video. What can you say, it’s jazz, it’s art, it’s cool.