MADE-UP NOVELS – Cover Artwork – Graphic Design

Rene-Lessegruber_Umkehrfluss_COVER_small Bodo-Malstein_Landgewinnung_COVER_small Erwin-Börck_Südpolaritäten_COVER_small Karl-Liebneid_Morgenscheide_COVER_small_new

Strange story. I was on my way home in the S-Bahn here in Berlin when suddenly I had these strange words in my head. “Landgewinnung” was the first one and I realised that I couldn’t really tell if it was an existing word or if I had just made it up, and what it meant apart from the obvious. Then I kind of tried to think of other words that worked in a similar way, not really existing but instantly understandable for any German speaking person. I came up with those four and by the time I was home I was already thinking, that they would make good titles for books or art house films. So I did the same thing with the writers; I tried to think of some genuinly German sounding names that didn’t exist (I googled them!) and then I did the covers. If I saw any of those in a store, I’d buy them! Especially “Landgewinnung”. I’d love to read that…